Advanced Analytics

What does Advanced Analytics mean?

Advanced Analytics is a wide set of techniques for extracting business knowledge by analyzing business data. The scope is to provide support to Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relations. Companies invest in maintaining & updating large volumes of business information in electronic databases: Transactions, Suppliers, Customers, Supply Chain data. PRIMARY analyzes this information using Advanced Analytics in order to extract significant business knowledge.

Typical knowledge produced through Advanced Analytics

Indicatively, Advanced Analytics produce business knowledge about demand (forecast, trends, seasonality, etc.), sales patterns, associations that lead to cross-selling / up-selling, customer segmentation, evaluation of promotional actions, etc. as well as ad-hoc business knowledge per case & per specific company nature.

Interesting questions answered by Advanced Analytics

How is demand associated to time & product / service type? Which associations exist between different products / services? Who are the customers? What is the impact of promotional actions?

How can we benefit from the answers?

Design improved cross-selling / up-selling strategies, design improved promotional campaigns, improve customers / prospects identification and targeting, improve instructions to Sales Managers and Executives, improve strategic planning.

Our expertise

PRIMARY implements advanced Data Mining techniques through: Mathematical modelling, Descriptive & forecasting statistics, Management of large volumes of data, Experience in analyzing business processes, and focusing on providing clear conclusions and tangible results