Emergency Response Management

Introducing EMIS

PRIMARY EMIS® is an integrated solution for supporting & assisting emergency response & crisis management procedures. The system offers advanced functionality allowing secured dissemination of validated information, transparency of operations, clear role assignment, task delegation, audit trails, and reporting. This functionality allows for overall improved response, communication and reliability in the event of an emergency.


Beyond emergency response planning, it is imperative for an organization to have all the means required in order to realize the emergency response procedures in an immediate and efficient manner. Such means comprise communication media (landline telephones, mobile telephones, etc) and data communication & management tools (computers, internet, etc). To this end, EMIS primarily provides all means required to communicate and manage all data generated during an emergency incident. Furthermore, EMIS supports efficient role assignment and task delegation purposes.

Design concept

The design and concept of the Emergency Management Information System is aligned with the fact that the system is used under emergency circumstances that by definition are stressful for all staff involved. Furthermore, time pressure is always an issue under emergency circumstances. This necessitates that an effective emergency management system is user-friendly, responds quickly to user commands and overall it is designed in such a way that accelerates emergency procedures rather than slows them down. In order to meet these requirements EMIS incorporates advanced usability as well as state-of-the-art software technology. Furthermore, due to the critical actions taking place in the event of an emergency, it is imperative that the system presents a high level of reliability.


Overall, the impact of EMIS is directly related to the acceleration and increased efficiency of emergency response activities resulting to improved emergency response and crisis management. In this context, the advanced functionality of EMIS contributes to the following: Prevention of loss of human life, Protection of the company’s reputation, Minimization of financial exposure, Safeguarding the company’s commercial performance and business continuity, Provision of data and proof for litigation purposes, Minimization of unwanted media exposure.