Facility Location Optimization


In order to boost the performance of Facility Networks (Bank Branches, ATMs, Retail Stores, etc.) PRIMARY developed FLO (Facility Location Optimization). Taking under consideration the multiple parameters involved in the process of designing and merging Facility Networks, PRIMARY offers FLO as an integrated solution complemented with advanced software which achieves maximization of the overall performance of a Facility Network while satisfying the imposed constraints. The parametric optimization model allows incorporation of the ad-hoc objectives per implementation and also respects all rules involved in the Facility Network design process.


Design the network that achieves total Net Profit maximization while respecting service quality specifications & business constraints. In other words, find the optimal combination of facility locations among all possible configurations (usually trillions of permutations).

Approach & Objectives

PRIMARY's approach to Facility Location Optimization is based entirely on its expertise and experience: Mathematical Optimization & Advanced Analytics. In this context, the objective is to maximize the overall performance of a Facility Network. PRIMARY combines business knowhow & insight together with optimization technology. Our approach guarantees significant improvement in all objectives when compared to any intuition-based approach or solely-GIS-based approach.

Implementation Phases

The most important phases of the implementation of Facility Network Optimization comprise: Data acquisition & pre-processing, Analysis of Business Goals, Rules, Constraints, KPIs & Specifications, Data Mining & Efficiency Analysis, Implementation of the Facility Location Optimization model, Investigation of alternative network design approaches, Validation of results – Preparation of detailed reports for all KPIs, Visualization of results – Use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology.