Maritime Industry

PRIMARY offers software solutions focused on the needs of the Maritime Industry. Please find below an indicative list of solutions that address the most significant operations in the maritime sector.

Solutions for the Maritime Industry

Workforce Planning & Scheduling

PRIMARY offers software solutions for optimal workforce planning & scheduling. OPTISHIFT, the Workforce Planning & Scheduling Optimization software developed by PRIMARY, achieves every workforce-related business goal while satisfying all involved constraints. OPTISHIFT is fully parametric and adaptable to the specific needs and conditions of each organisation. Indicatively, OPTISHIFT has been deployed in enterprises in the fields of: Retail, Hospitality & Entertainment, Restaurant Chains, etc.

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Emergency Response Management

Beyond emergency response planning, it is imperative for an organization to have all the means required in order to realize the emergency response procedures in an immediate and efficient manner. Such means comprise communication media (landline telephones, mobile telephones, etc) and data communication & management tools (computers, internet, etc). To this end, EMIS primarily provides all means required to communicate and manage all data generated during an emergency incident. Furthermore, EMIS supports efficient role assignment and task delegation purposes.

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is a wide set of techniques for extracting business knowledge by analyzing business data. The scope is to provide support to Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relations. Companies invest in maintaining & updating large volumes of business information in electronic databases: Transactions, Suppliers, Customers, Supply Chain data. PRIMARY analyzes this information using Advanced Analytics in order to extract significant business knowledge.

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