Production Planning & Scheduling

Maximize Productivity

PRIMARY delivers production scheduling solutions to manufacturing industries in order to minimise the time and cost required for producing and storing goods, while satisfying all underlying constraints. PRIMARY's Production Scheduler generates the optimal sequence of assigning tasks to machines and personnel while achieving all business goals and satisfying all involved constraints.

Optimal Production Schedules

Preparing feasible Production Schedules for production lines where multiple phases & machines are involved is a tedious and time-consuming process when approached with empirical methods. Furthermore, detecting the optimal sequence for assigning tasks to machines is in the most cases infeasible without the use of optimization technology. PRIMARY's Production Scheduler addresses this exact need: through optimization-based Automatic Scheduling, production tasks are scheduled in the most cost-efficient manner. The reduction in overall production time and cost is unprecedented.

Respect Deadlines while increasing Throughput

It is a frequent problem for manufacturing companies to have to abide to strict production & delivery deadlines set by clients. To this end, tardiness is also minimised through optimization-based Automatic Scheduling allowing for increased reliability and higher throughput.

Advanced User-System Interaction

The advanced graphical interface of PRIMARY's Production Scheduler allows the user to easily prepare production schedules for a great number of production orders and multiple production machines & production phases.