Logistics Industry

PRIMARY offers software solutions focused on the needs of companies that are active in Logistics, such as:

  • 3rd Party Logistics
  • Freight Companies
  • Retail Central Warehouses
  • Courier

Please find below an indicative list of solutions that address the most significant operations of logistics.

Solutions for the Logistics Industry


Supply Chain Management

PRIMARY delivers Supply Chain Management & Inventory Optimization solutions to commercial companies & 3rd party logistics in order to minimize the assets and effort invested in keeping the right amount of stock. PRIMARY goes beyond Safety Stock introducing Optimal Stock. When applying the Safety Stock approach, significant improvement margins are left unexploited and important constraints are not taken into account. PRIMARY’s Inventory Optimizer solution is providing all the required functionality in order to better estimate the required Stock and respect all involved constraints.

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Workforce Planning & Scheduling

PRIMARY offers software solutions for optimal workforce planning & scheduling. OPTISHIFT, the Workforce Planning & Scheduling Optimization software developed by PRIMARY, achieves every workforce-related business goal while satisfying all involved constraints. OPTISHIFT is fully parametric and adaptable to the specific needs and conditions of each organisation. Indicatively, OPTISHIFT has been deployed in enterprises in the fields of: Retail, Hospitality & Entertainment, Restaurant Chains, etc.

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Forecasting & Budgeting

You can now calculate it with FORESIGHT, PRIMARY’s Forecasting & Budgeting Software. The built-in state-of-the-art mathematical forecasting engine analyses historical data and identifies trends and seasonal demand patterns. Furthermore, FORESIGHT also considers non-periodical events that affect sales such as marketing campaigns, social activities or even extreme weather phenomena.

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