Communication with HR

myOPTISHIFT, the integrated self-scheduling system allows the remote communication between the Human Resources Department and the employees. Moreover, it allows the employees to have access to their work schedule through their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Approval Workflows

By supporting distinct roles and customized approval workflows, myOPTISHIFT enables each employee to request a specific shift, day-off or leave and at the same time ensures compliance with the standard procedures as well as the automated update of the work schedule with the approved changes.

Advanced functionality

myOPTISHIFT offers a unique functionality that simplifies the procedure of managing personnel requests.

myOPTISHIFT allows employees to easily and quickly request any specific shifts, day-offs or any absences. Then it automatically informs the responsible manager via e-mail and subsequently all the involved executives, based on the approval workflows of the company and the hierarchical level of the employees.