FORESIGHT Forecasting & Budgeting

Do you want to know the future?

You can now calculate it with FORESIGHT, PRIMARY’s Forecasting & Budgeting Software. The built-in state-of-the-art mathematical forecasting engine analyses historical data and identifies trends and seasonal demand patterns. Furthermore, FORESIGHT also considers non-periodical events that affect sales such as marketing campaigns, social activities or even extreme weather phenomena. FORESIGHT also supports appropriate functionality that enables transforming demand forecasts to any kind of budget such as HR budget, supply chain budget, etc.

Demand forecasting

FORESIGHT calculates future demand based on historical data. Either short-term or long-term, demand forecasting allows management teams to take immediate action based on the forecasted data by making respective adjustments to staffing, inventory or production planning. Additionally, a long-term forecast might be also used for the development of a business plan.


FORESIGHT can be used for any kind of business budgeting purposes such as staffing, production, operations, dstribution, etc. FORESIGHT gives a detailed representation of future demand and calculates required optimal resources. In parallel, FORESIGHT offers the necessary flexibility in terms of examining different scenarios based on different constraints and conditions per case.