Implementation Services

In addition to the software license, PRIMARY offers implementation and project management services in order for a system to adapt to the existing procedures and particularities of each organization. This way it immediatelly becomes fully functional and easily adopted by the users. As long as the system is functional, PRIMARY offers technical support & maintenance services based on specific Service Level Agreement provided to all customers.

Project Management & Consulting Services

PRIMARY implements all projects based on specific project management procedures. Firstly the installation & integration specifications analysis is taking place, and a detailed project management plan is compiled. Throughout the project’s duration PRIMARY’s implementation team has the necessary project management meetings with the customer in order to jointly agree on all project aspects. PRIMARY also offers consulting services on planning & scheduling best practices, in order for the system configuration to be in alignment with corporate practices. Finally, PRIMARY offers the users & system administrations’ training.

Installation & Support Services

Based on the specifications analysed during the 1st phase of the project, PRIMARY installs its software to the environment prefered by the customer. PRIMARY also provides integration services for ensuring communication with 3rd systems as well as system initialization with the related data. As long as the system is functional, PRIMARY’s helpdesk is activated for immediate technical support, corrective & preventive maintenance and software upgrades to new versions.