Maximize workforce productivity

OPTISHIFT, the Workforce Planning & Scheduling software developed by PRIMARY, automatically produces the optimal schedule based on the needs of the organization, taking into account the restrictions from the employees’ contracts and labor legislation. This way, operational requirements are covered and desired service level is achieved without wasting  man-hours.

Monitor & leverage efficiency

OPTISHIFT offers a great variety of KPIs, counters and reports for monitoring the efficiency of the shift schedule. In parallel, OPTISHIFT satisfies the preferences and costraints of the employees and at the same time minimizes operational costs and maximizes productivity.

Planning & Scheduling

OPTISHIFT allows the creation of a detaied shift schedule for the immediate future, as well as a draft long-term schedule. This way it facilitates and accelerates shift scheduling, by reducing preparation time and optimizing rostering.

Advanced functionality

OPTISHIFT offers unique functionality, such as: optimization-based automatic scheduling, forecasting & management of operational requirements, shift-pattern creation, automated legal check, coverage graphs, etc.


myOPTISHIFT, OPTISHIFT’s specialized approval workflow module, allows the employees to have access to their work schedule through their smartphones, tablets or computers. By supporting distinct roles and customized approval workflows, myOPTISHIFT enables each employee to request a specific shift, day-off or leave and at the same time ensures compliance with the standard procedures as well as the automated update of the work schedule with the approved changes.