Maximize productivity

PROMETHEUS, PRIMARY’s Production Planning & Scheduling software, generates the optimal production schedule in order to cover demand in the most cost-effective way. PROMETHEUS generates the optimal sequence of assigning tasks to machines and personnel while achieving all business goals and satisfying all involved constraints.

Optimize production

PROMETHEUS uses optimization in order to schedule multiple production phases tasks in the most cost-efficient manner (job shop scheduling). It minimizes functional costs emerging from dead-times and unused materials, resulting to the maximum efficiency of the production phases in the minimum of time.

Respect deadlines

PROMETHEUS facilitates the satisfaction of strict production & delivery deadlines. With the use of special reports and counters, the user has an updated view for the status of each production phase, control over the pending tasks, visualization of the deviations from deadlines.

Easy-to-use GUI

PROMETHEUS’ advanced graphical user interface allows the user to easily prepare production schedules for a great number of production orders and multiple production machines & production phases. The users can access an easy-to-use interactive Gantt chart through their desktop, laptop or tablet, and modify the proposed schedule by changing the sequence of the assigned jobs per machine, with the use of simple drag & drop functionality.