August 09, 2022 – CRETE PLASTICS chooses OPTISHIFT

CRETE PLASTICS, one of the leading manufacturers of masterbatches and agricultural films in Greece with a strong export orientation, chose OPTISHIFT for the shift planning & scheduling of its employees. Through OPTISHIFT, CRETE PLASTICS ensures the optimal shift scheduling regarding adaptation to workload, ensuring legal compliance, fair distribution of shifts and day-offs, as well [...]


August 8, 2022 – PUBLIC chooses OPTISHIFT

PUBLIC, the biggest Greek retailer in technology and entertainment with 54 stores in Greece and Cyprus, chose OPTISHIFT for optimal workforce planning & scheduling. OPTISHIFT helps PUBLIC stores cover their operational needs, ensuring the desired service level at any time. Firstly, it predicts the operational requirements taking into consideration seasonality, trends, special events such [...]


July 18, 2022 – ELVAL chooses OPTISHIFT

ELVAL, the biggest manufacturer of aluminium products in Greece and now a global force in the Aluminium Industry, chose OPTISHIFT for the shift scheduling of its employees in its Manufacturing Plant in Oinofyta. OPTISHIFT´s specialized functionality combined with the relevant consulting services provided by PRIMARY’s experts, allow for the creation, assignment and adaptation of [...]


June 28, 2022 – DEDISA chooses OPTISHIFT

DEDISA, which deals with the sustainable management of solid waste in Crete, chose OPTISHIFT for the planning & scheduling of its employees.


June 27, 2022 – MELLON chooses OPTISHIFT

MELLON, a leading multinational technology group with offices in Central and SE Europe, Cyprus, and Turkey, chose OPTISHIFT for the optimal workforce scheduling of its personnel. MELLON will utilize OPTISHIFT's advanced functionality regarding operational requirements' forecasting and optimal auto-scheduling, in order to cover its Contact Center operational needs in the most efficient way. At [...]


February 24, 2022 – KENFOOD chooses PROMETHEUS

KENFOOD, subsidiary of LOULIS group of companies and pioneer in the manufacture and trade of bakery and pastry raw materials and ready-made mixes, chose PROMETHEUS for covering long-term production planning as well as short-term optimal production scheduling needs.


January 18, 2022 – AEGEAN MOTORWAY chooses OPTISHIFT

AEGEAN MOTORWAY, the Concessionaire for the largest section of PATHE Motorway in Greece, chose OPTISHIFT for the shift scheduling of its employees.


January 11, 2022 – Plakentia Veterinary Clinic chooses OPTISHIFT

Plakentia Veterinary Clinic, chose OPTISHIFT for the shift scheduling of its employees.


December 16, 2021 – Group IASO chooses OPTISHIFT

Group IASO, one of the leading Healthcare providers in Greece, chose OPTISHIFT for the shift scheduling of its employees. Additionally, through myOPTISHIFT self scheduling system, Group IASO offers the ability to its employees to have access to their work schedule via their mobile, tablet or PC, as well as to easily request specific changes [...]


May 20, 2021 – OPTISHIFT v5.0 is now available

PRIMARY announces the new version of OPTISHIFT, our integrated Workforce Planning & Scheduling Optimization software. OPTISHIFT 5.0 is a major system upgrade and offers advanced new functionality and new features that greatly contribute to overall improvement of workforce management. Preparing the Shift Schedule is now easier and faster than ever. Furthermore, the user has [...]

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