KOTSOVOLOS, one of the leading retailers in electrical appliances and electronics in Greece, chose OPTISHIFT for optimal workforce planning & scheduling of its employees.

Through OPTISHIFT’s advanced features, KOSTOVOLOS ensures the coverage of its operational needs, achieving the desired service level to its customers.

OPTISHIFT produces the optimal shift schedule using sophisticated optimization algorithms, while satisfying both legislation as well as any personal constraints of the employees.

In addition, OPTISHIFT supports interfaces with 3rd systems ensuring automated flow of the relative information, daily adaptation of the shift schedule to any changes, and timely update of all involved parties.

Finally, OPTISHIFT provides all the necessary functionality to fully cover the needs of KOTSOVOLOS regarding the digitalization of the working schedules in accordance to ERGANI II. Firstly, it ensures compliance with the labor law by performing automatic legal checks of the schedule, and then it supports the digital sending of the working schedules to PS ERGANI II.