For 12 years OPTISHIFT constitutes an integrated solution for ensuring completeness and legitimacy of shift schedules, since it is already used for more than 20,000 employees in companies across industries (Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Hospitality & Entertainment, etc.)

OPTISHIFT ensures compliance with the legislation and accuracy of information at any stage of the shift scheduling process, by offering functionality such as automated legality checks – both during the schedule creation and at the time of the schedule finalization – as well as automated reporting to ERGANI (original program / modifications / overwork & overtime hours).

Additionally, OPTISHIFT is ready for the upcoming changes in Labor Legislation within 2020 regarding mandatory compliance with digital schedule and labor e-card, which will allow real-time labor inspections.

OPTISHIFT’s technology enables both real-time update of information for all parties involved, as well as interface with 3rd party systems through the most sophisticated and secure mechanisms.

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