Back to the roots...

PRIMARY goes back to the roots and uses computers to compute. But to compute what? We develop state-of-the-art software to compute the optimal decisions for the most critical operations of your company.

Managing Complexity

Today's business environment requires a thorough investigation of critical processes. This leads to the emergence of a business complexity managed only through expert decision support systems.

Optimization Technology

The most efficient approach for managing complexity is the use of state-of-the-art optimization technology. PRIMARY applies the power of optimization technology to real-world business needs.

Advanced Analytics

Data Mining enables companies identify knowledge hidden in large amounts of data. From Consumer Goods to Banking services, Advanced Analytics provide answers to the most difficult questions.

Workforce Planning & Scheduling

PRIMARY offers software solutions for optimal workforce planning & scheduling. OPTISHIFT, the Workforce Planning & Scheduling Optimization software developed by PRIMARY, achieves every workforce-related business goal while satisfying all involved constraints.

Production Planning & Scheduling

PRIMARY delivers production scheduling solutions to manufacturing industries in order to minimise the time and cost required for producing and storing goods. The respective software solution defines the optimal sequence of assigning tasks to machines and personnel while achieving all business goals and satisfying all involved constraints.

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About us

PRIMARY delivers advanced software technology and services focused on the design, development and deployment of Decision Support Systems in enterprises and organisations.

Optimize Business Performance

The main axis of PRIMARY’s services is the design and implementation of software capable of locating the optimal solution regarding scheduling and planning procedures in enterprises and organisations achieving in parallel the business goals set and satisfying all involved constraints.

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